Top 100 Books for Children

The TES have released the Top 100 books that children should read before they leave Primary School. Perhaps you have already read some at school or home or perhaps you listened to your teacher reading some of them aloud. Why not try reading some of them over the summer as part of the Summer Stars Reading Programme from the library?
Here are the titles:
Top 100 Books (PDF)

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Mayo County Library

Did you know it is free for everyone to join the library? You can borrow up to 12 items for 3 weeks. There are some wonderful children’s books in the library. Storytelling sessions are every Thursday at 4pm. 
All 1st and 2nd Class children after their tour got an application form to become members.

Over the summer you can get involved in Summer Stars which is an exciting reading programme available free of charge for children all across the country. Children are invited to register and enjoy reading many books. All participants will be given a Summer Stars Reading Card to record and track their own progress. There will be rewards and incentives along the way and a grand finale event for the participants.

Check out the website – which has lots of online games and activities as well as a range of animated ebooks –

You will find a children’s book discussion board and interview with well-know people about their favourite books. There are also helpful tips for reading and recommend titles by age group for children to read.   The books can be borrowed from your local library service. And it’s all free!

Our local library is on Pearse Street in Ballina – and offers lots of services including a storytime for children every Thursday at 4pm. 

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2nd Class Local Tour

2nd Class also went on their local tour today. We went to the library and the Garda Station. We had a great afternoon. 

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1st Class Local Tour

Today 1st Class went on their local tour. We went to the library and then to the firestation. We had a morning. Here are some photos. 

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1st and 2nd Class Tour Photos

You can view some photos from the 1st and 2nd Class tours by following the links: 

1st Class Tour
2nd Class Tour 

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International Assembly

On the 1st of June all classes performed a song or poem from another country. Here is a video of the Junior assembly. Well done to all. 

International Assembly (Junior) 2017 from Culleens NS on Vimeo.

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Vive La France!


Ms. Kelly, Mrs. Fox, Ms. Cooke and Denise decided it would be fun to teach the children all about France this year for international day.

“I love France” said Ms. Cooke “I’ve been there on my holidays!”. “Me too” shouted Ms. Kelly, “I know a brilliant French song we can teach the children”. Denise knew where she could get some french food that the boys and girls would really enjoy. Mrs. Fox even made the teachers Berret’s (french hats) to wear on the big day (thank you Mrs. Fox!!).

The boys and girls had a great time learning french words, eating French food (yum) and learning all about France.

They learned how to say Bonjour, Merci, Au Revoir and of course Vive la France!

Mrs. Melvin was so impressed by all the information the classes could tell her. The children knew that Paris is the capital of France and the river Seine runs through the city. They knew all about using Euros and that you need to use a passports to get to France. The boys and girls knew french words and could tell Mrs. Melvin all the strange things people in France eat (snails and frogs legs!).

The children tasted some french baking. They liked the baguettes and the croissants, but they LOVED the crepes and the pain au chocolat.

The classes made french flags and wrote about France during writing time.

Some of the students said they would like to visit Paris and see the Eiffel Tower when they grow up!

Listen to the children singing below!

Au Revoir.

Boys and Girls Singing “I Say Bonjour!”

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Aistear in May!

The Juniors and Seniors have been working hard learning lots of new skills during aistear time this month.

During the month of May we have set up the bakery, giving the boys and girls a chance to; handle money, read a recipe, engage in imaginary play, and have lots of fun!

Along with some other stations we’ve had a a chance to stretch out on the reading blanket and enjoy the sunshine!

Here are some pictures we took this month