End of Year Calendar

The end of the year calendar is now available to download:

End of year Calendar 2017 (word)
End of year Calendar 2017 (pdf)

Please keep an eye on the calendar page on the blog for all events. 

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Sport’s Day 2017

Our annual Sport’s Day will be held on Friday 19th of May. It is always a great day. Infant races kick off at 9.45am. If the weather is bad, Sport’s Day will be held on the next good day. 

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Engineering Expo Sligo.

The fifth class attended the engineering expo in the I T Sligo last Thursday . They had a great day and hopefully it will have inspired some of them.  They even featured on the local radio . Check out this blog for a link . Here are some snaps.

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2nd Class Communion

Best of luck to 2nd Class who will receive their First Holy Communion on Saturday, the 6th of May at 11am in St. Muredach’s Cathedral. They have worked so hard. 

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Engineering Expo

On Thursday 5th class and Mr Byrne went to an Engineering Expo in IT Sligo. Some children were interviewed on Ocean FM. You can listen to the SoundCloud on this link: Culleens Interview on Soundcloud. To hear the children from Culleens NS skip on to 26 minutes and play from there. 

The Francie Boylan Show from Engineering Expo IT Sligo

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Green-Schools -Project work on Ocean Protection

Global Citizenship – Litter & Waste

Project work on Ocean Protection

Last month all Senior classes enjoyed a lecture from David Horkan from the Marine Institute. He gave a great presentation about the value of our oceans and showed us how delicate the marine eco system is. Following this presentation 4th, 5th and 6th classes worked hard on group project work exploring various aspects of marine preservation. Here are a few images from presentation of these projects.

A marine biologist studies the marine habitat and the dangers posed by plastic pollution.

This project concentrated on penguin conservation. We hope to see a penguin aquarium in Galway soon.

This project told us about how seals can become trapped in plastic and how sea gulls mistake plastic pellets for eggs. Fish ingesting plastic means it will end up on our dinner plate.

A survey on use of plastic bottles showing that we must try harder to use re- useable bottles and plastic in general

We signed a petiton to ban use of microbeads in household products

Microbeads can be found in toothpaste, shampoo and cleaning fluids. They are dangerous to marine life and to the marine eco system.

This project explains the danger posed by plastic waste to sea animals.

We went to Ross beach and did a clean- up. We took photos of all the plastic litter there and we found a message in a bottle!


Two jars- one with clean clear water and one with lots of litter. We wanted to compare the two.

Our booklet explains all about pollution is affecting Irish water and the oceans all over the world.

Our project included a little drama about Mrs Newspaper and Mr Plastic Bottle. They went on a journey and it rained on them. Mrs Newspaper got soggy and they were upset to see all of the plastic bottles in the river.

Rubbish on beaches affects animals and marine life. We must be more careful about how we dispose of plastic in the environment.

This is a 3-d interpretation of a polluted beach. We also made and presented a powerpoint about saving the ocean form plastic pollution.


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Bóthar Day Snaps

Well done to 6th class and Mr Byrne who held a very successful Bóthar Day on Thursday 6th of April. 

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Bóthar Day Thursday 6th April 2017

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2017 Anti-Bullying Slogan Competition Winners

Well done to all the students who took part in the Anti Bullying Slogan Competition in March 2017.

The winners are as follows-:

Slogan- If a Fellow Pupil is being bullied pupils should act because…….

Overall Winner

Aidan Newall 4th Class

“Bullies are cowards, don’t let them be empowered”

2nd  & 3rd Class Antonia Drozdek

“You always help someone who needs it”

2nd Class Daithi Lynch

“Doing nothing is not a solution”

3rd Class Cian Holmes

“If you don’t stop this curse it will get worse”

4th & 5th Class Eric Lawlor

“Record it, report it, don’t support it”

5th Class Rachel O’Brien

“You should take a stand and lend a hand, don’t bully it’s not funny”

6th Class Rory Greally

“You treat people the way you want to be treated”

Highly Recommended

Eimear Sweeney 4th Class

“Bullies tear down as friends build up”

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Confirmation 2017

Congratulations to all the 6th Class Students who were confirmed on Saturday 4th March 2017 in St Patrick’s Church, Ballina.

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